HR Myths

Although HR is not a new function , there is still a huge gap between the reality and perceptions about it.Given below are the 4 of the most common myths about HR :-

Myth #1: An HR managers are supposed to be ‘People’s person’
One of the most prevalent myths about HR is that you have to be a people person. It has almost become a cliche’ now right up there with ” They lived happily ever after” or “every cloud has a silver lining”. The ‘kumbaya philosophy’, ‘we are family’ and let’s hold hands’ may have made sense (if ever !) once upon a time but today HR is all about achieving results through people. Role of HR is not about making people happy it’s about creating a happy and productive workplace better utilization and development of talent.

Myth #2: HR is merely a support function
HR has strived to get a seat at the top table for years and to some extent it has succeeded, as can be seem at some progressive organizations. Today, à la Ulrich HR model, HR is able to offer to organizations much more than just record keeping, payroll and employee benefits administration.It is partnering with the business to achieve set goals. Many transactional functions that previously formed the core of HR (but don’t directly contribute to the bottomline) are now being outsourced hence enabling HR to focus more on achieving business objectives through talent management and leadership development activities.

According to CIPD figures, around 45% of HR departments were restructured in 2010 in order to become strategic contributors, and 24% were restructured in order to give the department a stronger business focus.

Myth #3: HR always sides with the manager
HR more often than not finds itself in an unenviable position of being caught in the middle. It ought to meet the requirements of the management while advocating for employees and a disagreement between an employee and his manager can be quite troublesome.

Ideally, HR should not favor anybody, it has a duty towards both the employees and the management. Ideally, the approach towards handling employee grievances basically depends on how strong/weak the HR manager is. A good HR manager will always try & balance the interests of both employee and the company and will make an informed decision without getting bogged down.

That said, there are plenty of weak HR managers who are either insecure about their position in the company or have some vested interest and they will always side with the supervisors/HOD’s no matter who is right.

Myth #4: HR is a cost center
HR function may not be a revenue generator, but in today’s intelligence based economy, where employees and not products form the competitive advantage of a company, HR is emerging as a strong contributor towards the bottom-line albeit indirectly.

This is supported by research studies that demonstrates a correlation between specific HR practices and profitability.

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