Interview Preparation : 10 Essential Things

One of the prerequisites for success in a competitive job market is a successful interview. But this requires advance preparation. Learn about 10 important things about interview preparation in this article.

1. Learn about the organization.
Find out more about the organization you are interviewing for. Get an idea about the type of company, establishment period, current status, type of product or service, market price, market demand for product or service, future plans, number of employees, potential monthly income of employees, workplace environment, etc. You can collect this information from the company’s website, LinkedIn profile, press release or open source on the Internet. If you know detailed information about the organization, you can answer many questions with proper information during the interview.

2. Know about the interviewer.
Try to get to know the interviewer before the interview. Knowing the interviewer’s likes and dislikes, personality and career history, etc. will help you predict what kind of questions he might ask you during the interview. He will also get an idea of ​​what kind of answer he would prefer. Usually this information can be collected from the organization’s website or the person’s social media profile.

3. Get an idea of ​​possible questions.
Some common questions are usually asked in the interview board. For example: Questions about your favorite work or hobby. You may also be asked about the type of job, type of organization and workplace. If you make a list of these possible questions and prepare the appropriate answers to the questions before the interview, you can give fluent and organized answers during the interview.

4. Practice to prepare for the interview.
Before facing the final interview board, you can organize a practice interview with the help of your friends or family members. You can overcome your inertia and become confident. Also, if any mistake is caught, you will get a chance to correct it.

5. Compare your qualifications and skills with the job title.
Gather detailed information about the job post and match your qualifications and skills with it. This will give you an idea of ​​how prepared you are for that position. As a result, it will be easy for you to present yourself as a qualified candidate in the interview board.

6. Use any product or service of the employer.
You may be asked in the interview board whether you have an idea about the product or service of the employer. So if possible use the company’s product or service before the interview.

7. Check out your social media profiles.
Nowadays, many organizations monitor the social media profiles of job aspirants to verify their personality. So check your social media profile before the interview. Organize your LinkedIn profile in particular.

8. Wear appropriate clothing.
Your personality emerges through clothing and gestures. So go to the interview board with clean clothes and elegant appearance.

9. Keep the necessary documents with you.
Before going to the interview board, take the necessary documents as per the instructions given in the recruitment circular. Keep some simple documents even if there are no instructions. For example: All types of academic certificates, work experience samples, CVs and photographs.

10. Be on time with confidence.
An example of your punctuality would be your attendance at the interview board on time. Start your journey with some extra time on hand.

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