Job Satisfaction vs Happiness

We need to first understand what is the difference between satisfaction and happiness first. Happiness is a state of mind and happiness is absence of want or desire. Both are though related with each other one can be satisfied even if he is not happy and one can happy without being satisfied.

Now if you are working you will get along with various kinds of people some are always cheerful and filled with energy to work and some are sort of always down with no hope or motivation to work, they look like as if they are not at all interested in their job. For understanding this let us look at the causes for that.

Reason for lack of happiness at work –
1. Lack of recognition
It is one of main reason for unhappiness at work as someone don’t recognise your work and your importance in the company it hurts a lot as the employee feels all his hard work has gone waste and what the use of spending your effort for the company which will eventually go in vain.

2. Lack of remuneration
Most of employees are unhappy with their job due to amount of salary they are receiving for their job. The lack of communication between the company and employee regarding this issue also increase the level of unhappiness. This leads to lack of motivation of doing any work in their current role.

3. Clash of personalities –
Throughout our life we come across with people we don’t get along easily and it is one of the main problems that is being faced by various individuals at workplace. If this happens in personal life we can cut them off from our life but in professional life we can’t do much and have to deal with them daily leading to unhappiness.

4. Lack of work life balance –
Sometimes individual get too much involved in their personal life that they forget about giving time to their personal life. Which ultimately results in affecting their personal life due to which they are unable to focus on their work and are unable to perform up to their expectation ultimately resulting in unhappiness in the individual.

5. Discrimination at workplace –
Individual face various kinds of discrimination at their workplace such as on the basis of gender, position and salary. Gender based discrimination is mainly faced by the women at work as many male employees still feel they are inferior to them and can’t work up to their level. Position based discrimination is done by the people at top positions as they feel people at lower people are their servants and have to do whatever they say or told them to do.

Reason for Job dissatisfaction –
1) Limited Career Growth –
It is one of the main reason for job dissatisfaction as growth in career makes individual involved in his work. If an employee is stuck at the same position for quite a sometime he feels dissatisfied and losses his motivation to perform. Career growth makes an individual involved in his work and create a competition environment for individual to progress.

2) Poor management
The management team plays an important role within an organization. Management play a role in motivating, helping and supporting its employees whenever a need arises in its absence employees struggle to communicate their problem and are unable to concentrate properly at their work, leading to dissatisfaction towards their work.

3) Lack of interest –
Most of the employees like to work in an environment that is of their interest and which they like doing. Moving into a job that you don’t like or it isn’t according to your interest leads to dissatisfaction towards your job.

4) Lack of proper working environment –
Most of people like to work in a company that provides interesting and challenging work as now people don’t like to just sit idle and get monthly salary. They all want to work in an environment that excites them and they feel they ability are getting off to the full use.

5) Stress
Stress is one of the problem that is increasing faster than any other problem. A person stress is always lost in his world he has no motivation and no interest in doing work. He doesn’t want to take initiative and always try to procrastinate things at work. In many cases higher stress levels may also lead to depression.

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