Key responsibilities of Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager is one of the most important key to open a lock hanging on the door of success in an organization. If a Human Resource Manager is efficient enough to handle and to take out best from his team members any organization and can achieve more from his target goals. Human Resource manager plays a very important role in hierarchy, and also in between the higher management and low level employees. Stated below are major responsibilities of Human Resource Manager:-
To maintain and develop Human Resource policies, ensuring compliance and to contribute the development of corporate Human Resource policies.
=>> To develop the Human Resource team, to ensure the provision of a professional Human Resource service to the organization. Manage a team of staff. Responsible for mentoring, guiding and developing them as a second line to the current position.
=>> To ensure timely recruitment of required level / quality of Management staff, other business lines staff, including non-billable staff with appropriate global approvals, in order to meet business needs, focusing on Employee Retention and key Employee Identification initiatives.
=>> Provide active support in the selection of Recruitment agencies which meet the corporate standard. Ensure Corporate Branding in recruitment webs and advertisements.
=>> Develop, refine and fine-tune effective methods or tools for selection / or provide
=>> External consultants to ensure the right people with the desired level of competence are brought into the organization or are promoted.
=>> Prepare information and input for the salary budgets. Ensure compliance to the approved salary budget; give focus on pay for performance and salary benchmarks where available. Ensure adherence to corporate guideline on salary adjustments and promotions. Coordinate increments and promotions of all staff.
=>> To develop the HR business plan.
=>> Ensure appropriate communication at all staff levels.
=>> To maintain and develop leading edge HR systems and processes to address the effective man agreement of people in relation to the following in order to maintain competitive advantage for:

==> Performance Management.
=>> Staff Induction.
=>> Reward and Recognition.
=>> Staff Retention.
=>> Management Development / Career Development.
=>> Succession Planning.
=>> Competency Building / Mapping.
=>> Compensation / Benefit programs.

=> To facilitate / support the development of the Team members
=>> To facilitate development of staff with special focus on Line Management.
=>> To recommend and ensure implementation of Strategic directions for people development within the organization.
=>> Ensure a motivational climate in the organization, including adequate opportunities for career growth and development.
=>> Administer all employee benefit programs with conjunction with the Finance and Administration department.
=>> Provide counsel and assistance to employees at all levels in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures as well as relevant legislation.
=>> Co-ordinate the design, implementation and administration of human resource policies and activities to ensure the availability and effective utilization of human resources for meeting the company’s objectives.
=>> Counseling and Guidance cell – provide support to Managers in case of disciplinary issues.
=>> Above points are amongst the most important responsibilities which has to be taken care by an Human Resource manager. He cannot take any above stated responsibility for granted.

The Human Resources manager originates and leads Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented; high performance culture [work environment that you supply for employees] that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity, and standards; goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. The Human Resources manager is responsible for the development of processes and metrics that support the achievement of the organization’s business goals.

The Human Resources manager coordinates the implementation of people-related services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff; reports to the CEO; and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

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