Leadership Competencies

1.       Strategic Orientation
·         Sets and articulates a compelling vision, translates it into clear short and long-term goals and communicates them effectively
·         Displays an entrepreneurial mind-set and identifies opportunities & ways to stay ahead of competition
·         Identifies the sources of risk and evaluates risk in an objective manner
·         Learns from historical data and past experiences in assessing risks, and thinks out of the box

2.       Execution Focus –
·         Drives performance by efficiently planning, organizing and managing action plans
·         Sets challenging goals, generates commitment and enthusiasm from the team to achieve them
·         Finds ways to overcome challenges and obstacles so that assignments are completed and goals are met.
·         Depicts a sense of urgency for solving problems and getting work done in the most efficient model
·         Constantly monitors results to make sure solutions were effective and takes action if resolution has not been accomplished

3.       Accountability –
·         Takes responsibility and owns up to all activities and personal actions
·         Executes with agility, without compromising on core values
·         Follows through and implements agreed decisions within agreed timelines consistently
·         Takes responsibility for personal and team actions, and learns from part mistakes
·         Clearly defines accountability within the team and drives them to achieve high performance standards

4.       Collaboration
·         Builds strong internal networks and communicates across departments and functions to meet business objectives
·         Proactively contributes to the success of other departments and shares credit.
·         Does not hesitate to seek help
·         Focuses on overall business value to Sun over own department/function
·         Is culturally sensitive and comfortable working in a global context

5.       Process Excellence
·         Drives ‘strategy to execution’ by improving systems, processes and review mechanisms
·         Sets best in class processes and clearly communicates them to team members
·         Innovates to drive superior performance through systems and processes
·         Optimizes resources to ensure maximum productivity

6.       People Developer
·         Builds functional and managerial capabilities of team members by creating learning opportunities
·         Engages team members and is sensitive about their needs and aspirations
·         Periodically provides objective feedback and has coaching conversations about strength and development areas
·         Anticipates future talent needs and builds a strong second line of leadership

7.       Customer Centricity –
·         Understands and responds to customer/ stakeholder needs
·         Develops positive long-term relationships with customers/ stakeholders

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