List of Common HR Job Titles

1. HR Manager/Director: Oversees the overall HR function, develops HR policies, and ensures compliance with employment laws.

2. HR Generalist: Handles a variety of HR tasks, including recruitment, employee relations, performance management, and benefits administration.

3. Recruitment Specialist/Manager: Focuses on sourcing, recruiting, and hiring new employees.

4. Employee Relations Specialist: Manages relationships between employees and the company, addressing concerns, conflicts, and ensuring a positive work environment.

5. Compensation and Benefits Specialist/Manager: Designs and administers the company’s compensation and benefits programs.

6. Training and Development Specialist/Manager: Plans and implements training programs to enhance employee skills and development.

7. HR Coordinator/Administrator: Provides administrative support for HR functions, including record-keeping, scheduling, and employee communication.

8. HR Business Partner: Works closely with business leaders to align HR strategies with overall business goals.

9. HR Analyst: Analyzes HR data, trends, and metrics to provide insights for decision-making and strategy development.

10. Talent Acquisition Specialist/Manager: Focuses specifically on acquiring and retaining top talent for the organization.

11. Organizational Development Specialist/Manager: Supports initiatives related to organizational effectiveness, culture, and change management.

12. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Specialist/Manager: Develops and implements programs to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

13. HR Information Systems (HRIS) Manager: Manages HR technology systems and ensures data accuracy and security.

14. Labor Relations Specialist: Handles relationships with unions, if applicable, and ensures compliance with labor laws.

15. Wellness Coordinator/Manager: Promotes employee well-being through wellness programs and initiatives.

16. HR Compliance Specialist/Manager: Ensures that the company complies with all relevant labor laws and regulations.

17. Employee Engagement Specialist/Manager: Develops and implements strategies to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

18. Benefits Administrator: Manages employee benefits programs, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.

19. Exit Interview Coordinator: Conducts exit interviews and analyzes data to identify trends and improve retention.

20. HR Legal Counsel: Provides legal guidance on HR matters and ensures compliance with employment laws.

Keep in mind that smaller companies may combine roles, while larger organizations may have more specialized positions.

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