Principles of Strategic HRM

Strategic human resource management

Strategic human resource management focuses on various aspects or objectives in order to identify critical or complex issues (elements) or elements of success related to manpower and make strategic decisions that have a long-term impact on the success and conduct of the organization. It is not just a mirror of the present or the past (Smith 1982). It serves as a vehicle for the development of integrated strategic human resource management.
Ondrack and Nininger speaks of 7 principles, which are:

(1) Overall Objective: There should be an overall objective of strategic human resource management and for that purpose the aspects of human resources should be clear.

(2) Strategy Development Process: There will be a process of strategy development in the organization and there should be a clear description of the aspects of human resources.

(3) Effective Connection: There should be regular communication system to ensure harmony of thought and consciousness of human resources with the institutional decision making process.

(4) Provide the Challange: Human resource considerations take on the challenge of connecting the business needs of the CEO’s office.

(5) Responsibility and Accountability: Strategic human resource management establishes responsibility and accountability for the successful level of human resource management of the organization.

(6) Human resource management for business needs: Strategic human resource management takes logical initiatives for business resource management.

(7) Environmental Consideration: Strategic human resource management is responsible for identifying the various costs of different environments such as social, political, technological and economic as well as determining the interrelationships between them, where the organization is doing business and will continue to do so.

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