Process of Counseling

The substance method, commonly consists of the subsequent stages:

This involves developing mutual affection openness and acceptance between counselor and recommended. This rapport building is crucial to initiate the substance.

This concerned understanding with the assistance of the substance, the counsellee’s own state of affairs, his feelings, his strengths and weakness, his issues and desires.

The councellor permits the counselee to speak regarding something even apparently unrelated to the problem. it’s necessary for the counselor to attain a free flow of expression-often through rumblings – of the worker. The counselor can want AN alert and receptive mind for this. The councellor, however, see thereto that the councellor eventually concentrates his thoughts on his drawback instead of stray removed from it. The counselor needs to facilitate the counselee in concentrating a lot of on the matter and obtaining deeper into it and to get the fundamental issues by himself.

Formulation of action arrange
This concerned exploring doable solutions and formulating action arrange for implementing them to form the counselee the traditional person.

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