What is promotion?
A promotion is a vertical movement of an employee from a job to another job-position that is higher in pay, responsibility privileges, benefits, potential opportunities and / or organizational level. – William Werther and Keith Davis (1996:261).

Promotion is a type of transfer involving the reassignment of an employee to a position that is likely to offer higher pay and greater responsibilities, privileges and potential opportunities. – Wendell French (1996).

Why Promotion
1. Promotion recognizes good performance; initiative, enterprise, and ambition of an employee that will make him/her feel happy with the organization and encourages them to stay with the organization for long. It also minimizes discontent and unrest within the organization.

2. Promotion gives higher pay and benefits and thus, helps satisfying physiological needs, security needs, and esteem needs of incumbent.

3. Promotion provides a career ladder to the incumbents and therefore, will affect the employees’ motivation, performance and commitment to the job and to the organization.

4. Promotion attracts qualified, talented, brilliant and high achievement motivation persons to apply for the jobs of the organization as it there exists an advancement opportunities and recognition for quality job performance.

5. Promotion will build up morale, loyalty, and a sense of belonging on the part of the employees when it is brought home to them that they would be promoted if they deserve it.

6. Promotion conserves proved skills, training and ability into the organization that makes output and performance of the firm consistent.

7. Promotion creates among employees a feeling of contentment with their present conditions and encourages them to succeed in the firm.

Types of Promotion
1. Benefit Promotion: This promotion will place the incumbent in higher position with increased pay, benefits, duties, and responsibilities.

2. Dry Promotion: This promotion will place the incumbent in higher position with increased duties and responsibilities but with not increased pay and benefits. When pay and benefits are already increased to keep pace with the cost of living and length of service, then promotion will not bring up any increase in pay and benefits but in position only.

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