Questions NOT to ask in a job interview

Studies show that 32% of hiring managers reported that not asking the right questions is one of the most significant mistakes candidates make during an interview.

An interview is a two-way street and interviewers always welcome an engaging conversation. That’s why interviewers encourage candidates to ask questions at the end.

When the table turns, candidates tend to do one of three things:

➝ Some ask nothing at all,
➝ Some ask very generic questions, or
➝ Others evoke engaging conversation with relevant questions.

Candidates who fit in the third category, always stay top of the mind of the interviewer as it shows that:

➝ They know their field,
➝ Candidate has done their research, &
➝ They are taking this opportunity seriously.

So if you are preparing for an upcoming interview, compile a list of thoughtful questions to help you stand out from other candidates.

(I’ve created a post on the questions that you can ask during interviews. You’ll find the link to that post in the comments)

👇 Here is what you should NOT ask:

➝ Information that you can quickly find on Google.
➝ Gossips you’ve heard about the company.
➝ Anything related to salary and benefits.
➝ About the interviewer’s background.
➝ Questions that start with ‘why’.

Such as:

📌 Why did the company lay off people last year?
📌 What’s the worst thing about working here?
📌 Who is the company’s main competitor?
📌 How soon do you promote employees?
📌 Do you care about the dress code?


📌 Asking thoughtful and relevant questions demonstrates that the candidate has done his research and is genuinely interested in the position.

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