QWL: Activities and Concern

quality-of-work-lifeWalton provides eight conceptual categories for analysing the features of QWL. They are “adequate and fair compensation, safe and healthy working conditions, immediate opportunity to use and develop human capacities, future opportunity for continued growth and security, constitutionalism in ihe work organization, work and the total life space, and the social relevance of work life”. The International Labour Office Lists the following areas as concerns of QWL.

=>>Hours of work and arrangements of working time.
=>>Work organization and job content.
=>>Impact of new technologies on working conditions.
=>>Working conditions of women, young workers, older workers and other special categories.
=>>Work-related welfare services and facilities.
=>>Shopfloor participation in the improvement of working conditions.
=>>Nadler and Lawler list the types of QWL activities as participative problem-solving, work restructuring, innovative reward systems and improving the work environment.

Davis and Newstrom could perceive a wide range of QWL activities as open communications, equitable reward systems, a concern for employee-job security, and participation in job designs. According to him, emphasis should be placed on employee skill development, the reduction of occupational stress and the development of more co-operative labour management relations.

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