Recognize the 10 most unwanted behaviors

What are the 10 most undesirable behaviors? We all answer this question a little differently depending on our own interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. But we will generally agree on which people are difficult and what they do that makes them difficult.

We identified 10 specific behavioral patterns that intelligent people adopt when they feel threatened or failed, which represent their struggle to cope with (or withdraw from) undesirable situations.

Tank: Pushy and ruthless, loud and forceful, or with the calm intensity and surgical precision of a laser, Tank assumes that the end justifies the means. If it is in the way, it will disappear.

Sniper: This secret operator annoys you for some reason. Instead of getting angry, he finds your weaknesses and uses them against you, through assassination, gossip and putdowns.

The Grenade: This person explodes in a fit of rage that seems disproportionate to the current situation, sending others ducking for cover and wondering what it is.

The Know-It-All: This person knows 98% of everything. (Just ask!) Know-It-Alls will tell you everything they know—for hours at a time!—but won’t take a moment to listen to your “obviously inferior ideas.”

The Think-They-Know-It-All: Even though these people don’t know that much, they don’t let that stop them. If you don’t know much about what they’re talking about, they can get you in trouble or throw a project off track.

Yes Person: Quick to agree, slow to deliver, the Yes Person leaves a trail of unfulfilled promises and broken promises. Although they don’t please anyone, yes people are overcommitted to pleasing.

Maybe person: When faced with an important decision, the maybe person puts it off until it is too late. Finally, there comes a point when the decision makes itself. Then it is nobody’s default but his own.

The Nothing Person: You can’t know what’s going on because the Nothing Person tells you nothing—no feedback, verbal or nonverbal.

The No Person: This person says, “Every silver cloud has a dark lining” and “I’m not negative, I’m realistic.” Sad and discouraging, no one leads others to despair.

The Whiner: These people whine about their misery, constantly, and drag others down with the weight of their generalization that nothing is right, everything is wrong, and it’s always going to be that way unless you do something.

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