Recruitment Planning

The recruitment process is usually the second most expensive HR Process. Just the Training and Development is more expensive than the recruitment and staffing. Human Resources pays for hiring new qualified employees, the visibility on the job market and recruitment surveys. The recruitment process has to be planned, and the expenses have to be monitored closely. The recruitment planning is about having a clear outlook of the recruitment agenda for the whole year.
The recruitment planning manages the expenses of the critical HR area and brings the assurance to lives of HR Managers. The recruitment is extremely expensive, and managers have to learn to cut costs, and implement hard recruitment targets in their departments.

The recruitment planning is not just about the costs of the recruitment process. The recruitment planning includes many activities like the HR Marketing. The plan is not a budget. The plan is smarter and manages the recruitment activities during the whole year.

Recruitment Planning Basics
The strategic planning is about managing job vacancies in the organization. It is about the management of the internal recruitment and management of promotions and succession planning. The plan connects all the elements with the value added for the organization and forms the final recruitment plan.

The plan is about the complex alignment of the HR Strategy with the capability of the organization to increase the value added of the human capital. The recruitment and staffing is the essential HR Process for gaining the sustainable competitive advantage.

The planning period is not easy for the recruitment specialists and HR Managers. They have to make many assumptions about the development of the organization. They have to cooperate closely with specialists from the Career Development department to identify the main skill and competencies gaps. They have to bring the realistic recruitment plan to close gaps.

The recruitment planning is the creative part of the recruitment process. It is strategic when the planning is done correctly. The meaningful recruitment plan makes it clear what activities will be done during the year and what will be the impact on the organization.

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