Responsibilities of Housekeeping Staffs

Executive Housekeeper
The executive housekeeper reports to the General Manager or the Resident Manager or the rooms division manager. He/she is responsible for the overall cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. His/her duties are:-

=>> Organize, supervise and coordinate the work of housekeeping staff on day- to day basis.
=>> Ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety, comfort and aesthetics for hotel guests.
=>> Prepare duty rosters and supervise the discipline and conduct of her staff.
=>> Ensure proper communication within the department by conducting regular meeting with the staff.
=>> Recruit new employees and train them for the housekeeping jobs.
=>> Counsel and motivate employees on various duties.
=>> Establish and maintain standard operating procedures for cleaning and develop new procedures to increase efficiency of labor and product use.
=>> Search and test new techniques and products in the market.
=>> Maintain regular inventory and checking of furniture, linen, uniform, equipments in the hotel.
=>> Evaluate employee performance for promotions and transfers.
=>> Approval of supply requisitions for the housekeeping and to maintain minimum stock and cost control procedures for all materials.
=>> Check the reports, files, registers maintained in the department.
=>> Provide budget to the management and control of budgets

Deputy Housekeeper
The deputy housekeeper reports to the executive housekeeper. His/her duties are:-

=>> Check and ensure that all guestrooms, public areas, back of the house areas are clean and well maintained.
=>> Inspect the work done by contractors- pest control, launry, window cleaning, etc.
=>> Prepare staff schedules and duty rotas.
=>> Check periodical stocktaking and maintaining of stock records for linen, uniform, equipment.
=>> Provide necessary information to assist executive housekeeper in staff evaluation, disciplining, termination and promotion.
=>> Develop and implement training programs within the department in consultation with the executive housekeeper.
=>> Assist executive housekeeper in forecasting and budgeting for operating and capital expenditure.
=>> Take charge of housekeeping department in absence of executive housekeeper.

Assistant Housekeeper
The assistant housekeeper reports to the executive housekeeper. In large hotels, where an deputy housekeeper exists, assistant housekeeper reports to deputy housekeeper. In large hotels the responsibilities of floors, public area are divided among assistant housekeepers. In the absence of deputy housekeeper, all the above mentioned duties and responsibilities are taken over by the assistant housekeeper. His/her duties are:-

=>> Be responsible for efficient and orderly management of cleaning, servicing and repairing of guest rooms.
=>> Be responsible for hotel linen and check its movement and distribution to room attendants.
=>> Keep an inventory of all housekeeping supplies and check it regularly.
=>> Provide front office list of ready rooms for allotment to guests.
=>> Organize flower arrangements
=>> Arrange training of staff within the department
=>> Update records/ files/ registers etc.
=>> Compile the maids roster.
=>> Check the VIP and OOO rooms

Floor supervisor
The floor supervisor reports to the assistant housekeeper. They are responsible for the final condition of the guestrooms on the floors allocated to them. His/her duties are:-

=>> Issue floor keys to room attendants
=>> Supervise cleaning on the allotted floors and areas- including guestrooms, corridors, staircases, floor pantries of the allotted floors
=>> Inspection of cleaning in rooms and coordination of the work in fllors
=>> Supervise handling of soiled linen to laundry and requisitioning of fresh ones from housekeeping
=>> Report maintenance work on the floor
=>> Supervise spring cleaning.
=>> Coordinate with room service for tray clearance.
=>> Maintain par stock for the respective floors.
=>> Facilitate provision of extra services to guests such as baby sitters, hot water bottles, other guest requests.
=>> Report any safety or security hazard to the security department.
=>> Check on scanty baggage
=>> Prepare housekeeping status reports.
=>> Inform the front office about ready rooms
=>> Ensure services offered to VIPs are of highest standards.

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