Review your current approach to recruitment and selection

Consider the following questions:
 Have you completed a job analysis whereby job descriptions and person specification (employee profiles) have been drafted for key positions?
 Are there defined procedures in place for notifying the HR Department of vacancies?
 Are there appropriate controls in place to devise and agree all job adverts?
 Is internal recruitment appropriately considered for all positions and are there set procedures for facilitating this?
 Are there set procedures in place for screening applications and CVs?
 How are interviews structured? Do you use panels or single interviewers?
 Are set interview plans/structured questions used?
 What other assessment methods/psychometric testing tools do you use?
 Are there effective procedures in place for notifying candidates (both successful and unsuccessful) and calling the successful candidates for interview?
 Does the way that interviews are managed create a positive impression for the company?
 Do all those involved in interviewing candidates have appropriate training to do it professionally?
 How are recruitment decisions made? Do you use structured evaluation sheets?
 What are the procedures for notifying candidates (both successful and unsuccessful)? Are there defined procedures for appointing new employees?
These questions should provide you with some food for thought as to where you might need to focus your attention in terms of improving your recruitment and selection process.

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