Steps of Job Analysis

Job analysis provides a complete idea of ​​the job, the overall characteristics of the employee, and the description of the work environment. Some steps need to be taken to achieve the objectives of the job analysis properly. If all these steps are taken consistently, the work analysis can be smooth. Ni¤e DJ. Some of the steps described by Charrington are discussed

1. Introduction Data Collection: The first step of job analysis is to collect introduction data. Introduction information is collected about the age of the organization, establishment period, organizational chart, classification, job description etc.
2. Examining the suitability of the entire organization and each job: Different types of work have to be performed for the purpose of each organization. Therefore, the work analysis is done to test the level of each work taken for the purpose. Every work has to be arranged according to the organization.
3. Selection of Representative Posts: There are many positions in an organization. But not all are representative. So the representative terms have to be picked.
4. Job Analysis Data Collection: In the third step of work analysis, necessary data and information related to the job is collected. Because work can be accurately analyzed based on accurate information.
5. Improving work descriptions: Improving work descriptions is the fourth step of work analysis. If it is possible to describe the job properly, it is also possible to perform the job analysis properly. On the other hand, if the job description is flawed, then the job analysis is also flawed.
6. Job Definition Development: The last and fifth step of job analysis is job assignment. It is possible to get an idea of ​​the qualities required for a position by specifying the jobs to be developed for the system. Therefore, the more efficient the job assignment, the more efficient the job analysis can be.

Some of the steps of work analysis are discussed above. However, it is not true that there is no other step than the mentioned steps and only these five steps can make the work analysis effective.

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