Talent Management by Successful Companies

The previous articles discussed how successful companies develop and nurture leaders and groom them for higher roles as their career progresses. The role of the HRM function is critical, as there needs to be excellence all around and not just in one area. In other words, it is not enough if a company has a brand image in the market that attracts top quality talent but is not doing well once this talent starts working in the company.

Take for instance, the Indian IT behemoth, Infosys. Though working there is a dream come true for many graduates, in recent months, the company has been hit with astounding attrition, as the company is not doing well in terms of retaining and nurturing talent. On the other hand, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple not only attract the best talent in the market but also manage them well leading to their practices becoming a model for other companies to follow.

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