Top 15 human resources KPIs

Absenteeism Rate: Evaluate the engagement of your employees

Overtime Hours: Monitor your employees’ workload in detail

Training Costs: Analyze the investments in your employees

Employee Productivity: Track the overall effectiveness of your workforce

Talent Satisfaction: Ensure your employees are satisfied in the long run

Cost per Hire: Analyze what it takes to find the perfect fit

Recruiting Conversion Rate: Find the best recruitment method

Time to Fill: Monitor how long you need to find a new employee

Talent Rating: Assess the quality of your employees

Employee Turnover Rate: See how your retention efforts work

Talent Turnover Rate: Evaluate how many talents you continually change

Dismissal Rate: Find out if you’re recruiting the right employees

Female to Male Ratio: Understand the gender diversity in your company

Part-Time Employees: Watch the evolution of part-time workers over time

Average Time Stay: See how long your employees stay in your company

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