Types of Employee Benefits

Following are samples of the employee benefits that are offered across many organizations. Use this list of employee benefits in thinking creatively about your current employee benefits package.

Are your employee benefits giving you the competitive edge in attracting and keeping the best employees? Are your employee benefits helping you to create a workplace in which employees are motivated, happy and productive?

If not, use this list to determine the types of employee benefits that you may want to consider providing. You’re in competition with the best employers for the best employees. These types of benefits will attract and retain your best talent.

Bonus Options for Employee Benefits
>>>> Performance bonus
>>>> Attendance bonus
>>>> Longevity bonus or service award
>>>> Profit sharing
>>>> Discount stock purchase plans

Medical and Health Employee Benefits
>>>> On-site medical clinic
>>>> Medical care programs (HMO, health insurance)
>>>> Dental care programs (insurance)
>>>> Vision care programs (insurance)
>>>> Flexible spending accounts for healthcare costs
>>>> Employee assistance programs (EAPs)
>>>> Wellness programs
>>>> On-site fitness facilities
>>>> Fitness facility membership
>>>> 50 to take annual physical; $200 reward if vital signs are positive

Paid Time Off Employee Benefits
>>>> Sick leave
>>>> Well pay
>>>> Mental health days
>>>> Paid Personal Days
>>>> Holidays
>>>> Vacation
>>>> Bereavement leave
>>>> Ten paid hours a month for volunteer work
>>>> 35 extra vacation days in 10th year and every 5th year thereafter
>>>> Personal or emergency business days or floating holidays
>>>> Paid sabbaticals
>>>> Professional association participation

Insurance Benefits for Employees
>>>> Short-term disability insurance
>>>> Long-term disability insurance
>>>> Life insurance
>>>> Mental health insurance
>>>> Travel accident insurance (when traveling on company business)
>>>> Insurances mentioned under “Medical and health”

Retirement Benefits for Employees
>>>> Defined benefit pension
>>>> Defined contribution
>>>> Financial planning assistance
>>>> 401(k)
>>>> Profit sharing
>>>> Discount stock purchase plans

Children and Family Employee Benefits
>>>> Free child care
>>>> On-site child care
>>>> Free elder care
>>>> Vouchers to help pay for child care
>>>> Information about cost and quality of day care
>>>> Discounts on day care
>>>> Flexible spending accounts for child care
>>>> Sick child care center (to cover when providers won’t accept children)
>>>> Financial support for infertility treatments and/or adoption aid

Employee Benefits Related to Pets
>>>> On-site kennel service
>>>> Dog and cat grooming
>>>> Animal sitting for business travelers
>>>> Pet walking services
>>>> Bereavement period for the loss of pets
>>>> Pet insurance
>>>> Bring a pet to work day
>>>> Allowed to keep pets at work (an office cat)

Education and Development Employee Benefits
>>>> Tuition reimbursement or payment for seminars and classes
>>>> Educational assistance (interest-free loans for own or children’s education)
>>>> Career planning and development
>>>> Scholarships for children of employees
>>>> Professional association meeting, conference or seminar expense

Concierge Services as an Employee Benefit
>>>> Car wash and oil change
>>>> Dry cleaning service
>>>> Maid service to clean home
>>>> Errands run

Food as Employee Benefits
>>>> Free drinks such as pop, coffee, tea, juice, and espresso
>>>> Free lunch
>>>> Free popcorn, ice cream, fruit, or other snacks
>>>> Discount meals
>>>> Holiday turkeys
>>>> Already prepared take-home meals
>>>> Paid mini-bar snacks at hotel (while on travel)
>>>> Paid meals for entire family if working on weekend (to allow some family time)
>>>> Beer, wine, meals included in company-provided refreshments at company events

Clothes as Employee Benefits
>>>> Free uniforms or uniform cleaning
>>>> Free clothes for personal use (such as shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats)
>>>> Shoe repair
>>>> Safety shoes
>>>> Safety eyeglasses

Personal Care Employee Benefits
>>>> Beautician on site
>>>> $5 haircuts
>>>> Free on-site massages
>>>> Nap time during the workday

Discounts for Employees as Benefits
>>>> Leased automobiles
>>>> Life insurance
>>>> Discounts (up to 50%) of closing costs in the purchase of a new home
>>>> Clothing

Transit Employee Benefits
>>>> Vanpool programs
>>>> Company car
>>>> Free or subsidized mass-transit passes
>>>> Free parking (car or bicycle)
>>>> Free taxi rides home
>>>> First-class travel
>>>> Free ride in jump seat of company planes
>>>> Free airline passes
>>>> Keep frequent flyer miles for personal use

Other Types of Employee Benefits
>>>> Relocation expenses
>>>> Subsidized or free housing
>>>> Employee referral bonus
>>>> Boomerang bonus (employee rehire bonus)
>>>> Prepaid legal services (telephone advice, wills, purchase of a home)
>>>> Award or gift certificates (redeemable at the employer’s or another local store) as bonuses for attendance, productivity, and punctuality
>>>> Game rooms (pool, foosball, video games, etc.)
>>>> Free movies
>>>> Free cigarettes
>>>> Company sponsored/subsidized events such as trips to athletic events, concerts and hikes
>>>> Theme days such as Halloween costume days and holiday cookie exchange days
>>>> Condominium, hotel, camping or recreational areas for employees to use
>>>> Annual family trips back to the “home country” of H1 B visa employees
>>>> Relocation back to the “home country” if the job doesn’t work out
>>>> Relocation back to any United States location in case of “no fault” layoff or termination
>>>> Birthday card or note from executive
>>>> Assistance in obtaining a visa to visit the United States
>>>> In-plant bank branches for employee banking services

Life Cycle account of $10,000 to help employees across major thresholds such as buying a first house or financing college education
Employers who consider and offer many types of employee benefits will experience positive employee morale and retain employees better than organizations that do not. Employers who educate their employees about the value of the employee benefits they receive can maximize the value to employees of the employee benefits that the employer provides.

Source : The Balance

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