Unfair labour practices by management

No employer or trade union of employers or no person acting on behalf of either shall-
1. Impose any condition in a contract of employment seeking to restrain the right of a person who is a party to such contract to join a trade union or continue his /her member ship of a trade union.

2. Refuse to employ or refuse to keep employed any person on the groud that such person is or in not, member or officer of any trade union.

3. Discriminate against any person in regard to any employment, promotion, condition of employment or working condition on the ground that such person is, or is not, a member or officer of any trade union.

4. Dismiss, discharge, remove from employment or threaten to dismiss, discharge or remove from employment a worker or injure or threaten to injure him/her in respect of his/her employment by reason that the worker is or proposes to become, or seeks to persuade any other person to become, a member or officer of a trade union or participates in the promotion, formation or activities of the trade union.

5. Induce any person to refrain from becoming or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union, by conferring or offering to confer any advantage on or by procuring or offering to procure any advantage for such person or any other person.

6. Compel any officer or the collective bargaining agent to sign a memorandum of settlement by using intimidation, coercion, pressure, threat, confinement to a place, physical injury, disconnection of water, power and telephone facilities and such other methods.

7. Interfere with or in any way influence the balloting for electing one trade union to act as collective bargaining agent.

8. Fail intentionally to take measures as per the recommendation of the participating committee.

9. Fail to give answer to any letter sent by the collective bargaining agent regarding an industry dispute.

10. Transfer the president, the general secretary, the organizing secretary, or the treasurer of any trade union in contravention of the provision of the Act that prohibits transfer of such officials from one district to another without his/her consent.

11. Commence or continue an illegal lock-out or persuade any other person to take part in that.
Refuse to bargain in good faith with employee representatives (National Labour Relations Act, USA)

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