Unfair labour practices by workers

1. No worker shall remain engaged in any trade union activities during his/her working hour without the permission of the employer.

2. No worker or trade union of workers or no person acting on behalf of such trade union shall –
a) Intimidate any worker to become, or refrain from becoming , or to continue to be , or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union;
b) Induce any person to refrain from becoming , or cease to be a member or officer of a trade union, by conferring or offering to confer any advantage on , or by procuring or offering to procure any advantage for, such person or any other person;
c) Compel or attempt to compel any worker to pay, or refrain from paying, any subscription towards the fund of any trade union by using intimidation , coercion, pressure, threat, confinement to any place, physical injury and by disconnecting water, power or telephone facilities or adopting any other method;
d) Compel or attempt to compel the employer to sign a memorandum of settlement by using intimidation , coercion, pressure, threat, confinement to a place , physical injury, disconnection of telephone, water and power facilities or by any other method;
e) Commence or continue any illegal strike or go slow work, or persuade any other person to take part in that ;
f) Create blockade, obstacle in transport or communication system or cause damage to any property for the purpose of satisfying any demand or object of a trade union.

3. It shall be an unfair practice for a trade union if it interferes in any election held under this Act by the exercise of undue influence, intimidation, impersonation or bribery through its executive or through any person acting on its behalf.

4. Demand excessive or discriminatory initiation fees (National Labour Relations Act, USA)

5. Refuse to bargain with an employer in good faith. (National Labour Relations Act, USA)

6. Picket an employer to force it to recognize the union as the employees’ representative without requesting a government election within a reasonable time period ((National Labour Relations Act, USA)

7. Force an employer to discriminate against an employee because of that employee’s membership or non-membership in the union National Labour Relations Act , USA)

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