What is a Core Competency?

“Core competencies of an HR manager include behavioral traits that determine an individual’s success in specific business scenarios. The combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and unique attributes contributes to improved performance and impacts organizational success. Hence, understanding capabilities necessitates defining the various factors involved.

1. Knowledge entails awareness of data, truths, and principles acquired through formal training and experience. Effectively applying and sharing one’s knowledge base is crucial for individual and organizational success.

2. Skill refers to developed proficiency or dexterity in internal operations or physical processes, often obtained through technical training. Skillful execution leads to successful performance.

3. Capability is the power or aptitude to perform physical or internal tasks associated with a specific profession or trade, such as computer programming, plumbing, mathematics, and more. While organizations may assess results, skills, and knowledge related to job performance, they often neglect acknowledging workers’ capacities or aptitudes, especially beyond traditional job roles.

4. Individual attributes include qualities or characteristics that reflect a person’s unique qualities. These attributes may be genetically formed or acquired through life experiences. Research increasingly connects certain personality traits to individual and organizational success.

5. Recognizing and appreciating these sources of talent forms a strong basis for individual performance engagement. Yet, it is their combination that unlocks untapped potential.”

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