What To Do After An Interview

Interview is particularly the start of professional life for the students. They often don’t know in the beginning what to do after an interview. I, myself faced the situation at the start of my professional life that what should I do after the interview. Through my experience I have come to know some facts that should be followed after giving an interview. Therefore I have decide to share them with you guys so that you can also take advantage from that.

Things to Do After an Interview:
Following is the list of things to do after giving an interview:

Interview follow up emails
Thank you letter or notes
Remind yourself
Ask for feedback
Each one of them is described briefly below.

Interview Follow Up Email:
Interview follow up email is an easy and fast way to remind yourself to the hiring manager and leave the impression of interest for the job position on him. Send him email mentioning that you are willing to do whatever it takes to do the job. Follow up email is an easy to show that you are serious about the job. Many of the people does not send the interview follow up email. That is your chance of putting impression on the hiring manager and set yourself aside from other interviewees.

Thank You Notes:
Thank you notes is just a modernized form of thank you letters which once considered a tradition after interview. Thank you notes is a fast and easy way to let the hiring manager know how privileged you are that he gave his precious time to you for interviewing. Keep the messages short and to the point so the manager does not get irritated as he do not have enough time to read lengthy notes and messages.

Remind Yourself:
What if the manager asked you to wait till Monday for the response from interview and it’s been Wednesday and you didn’t get a response? What should you do in that case? Do not get too much worried as he might be involved in some other stuff and forget about you. Just remind yourself with short texts that you are waiting for the response about the interview.

Ask for Feedback:
If you didn’t make through the interview, don’t feel depress. Rather ask the interviewer about the flaws that he felt in your interview so that you can improve those mistakes and give a better one next time.

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