Why choose you?

From the beginning to the end of the interview, the employer wants to know why you should be selected. What qualities do you have that set you apart from others or that the organization can benefit from? So when an employer asks why should we hire you? That is, he really wants to know why choose you? So it is said that this question is enough to get you a job if you can answer it correctly. So let’s know how to answer this question.

Why is this question asked?
Every interview question has a purpose behind it. This question is no exception. What the employer wants to know through this question is:

1. Can you express yourself?

2. How skilled are you from others?

3. Whether you really think you are suitable for the position for which you will be appointed

4. Want to see how much confidence you have inside?

5. You want a proper proof that you are a really good candidate

6. Above all, you want to know whether you are capable of moving the organization forward

How do you say
Your answers want to convey something that makes an employer think you are the best. But this is best said without saying it directly. Explain why you are the best. Why do you think you are the best? And how the organization will benefit from you. All this should be understood through the answer. So that after the answer the employer has enough reason to hire you. And to highlight these issues, 3 points should be highlighted in the answer. These three issues are:

1. Summarize the employer’s needs among the answers
State how the employer will benefit. Not how you will benefit. All employers want to know is how they will benefit by hiring you. What more can you give that will take the organization forward? So highlight this point in your answer. Highlight skills that match the position applied for to highlight this. As you can talk to customers easily and fluently. You can solve customer problems very easily etc.

2. Consistency between statements
Keep your statement consistent with the position applied for. Let’s say the position you’ve applied for is looking for someone who has a good grasp of Microsoft Excel. Someone who has the mindset to work under pressure and who is a good team player. Highlight these points in your speech. Say how you are a good team player and how that will help the position. Demonstrate how you can work under pressure and how it can benefit the organization.

3. Highlighting special qualities
Highlight your special qualities that set you apart from others. Which makes you a unique candidate. Remember, you want to give a proper answer to why you should be selected, which is not really easy to find among others. If you say something that others have, why should the employer choose you? So make yourself different. Tell how you are different from others. Above all how you are efficient and best in your work. Because an employer will hire the best candidate.

The answers are never
As I said earlier, the answer to this question is not important. So a little mistake can throw your good interview to failure. So things that should never come up in the answer are:

1. Presenting myself very weakly, like I am a fresher with no experience, if you give me the job, I will try my best to do the job well.

2. Pointing out common themes between answers that do not prove anything in isolation. Like I am a hard worker but did not say how you are hardworking. Or said I’m good at presentation but didn’t say why I’m good etc.

3. Making the answer longer than necessary. Your answer should be brief. Overstatement can weaken the answer and cause resentment among employers. Remember that the answer to each job interview question should not exceed 1 to 2 minutes.

How to make yourself
A good answer is the result of a good preparation. So prepare to make this answer. Here’s what to do to prepare:

1. Make a list of all the things you are good at

2. Go through the details of the post for which you are applying. Find out what is required for the job. Make a list of those things.

3. After that see what you want and what you don’t have.

4. Find out how proficient you are on the subject. Decide how you will demonstrate your skills.

5. Determine how your skills differ from others and how they contribute to the organization’s goals

6. Prepare a 2-minute speech covering the above topics

7. Practice, make it very easy and fluent, so it doesn’t sound like you’ve memorized it.

By proving yourself in this way, you can tell the employer why you are competent, why they should hire you. Remember that the answer to this question can be a term card of your interview. If the answer can satisfy the employer, your job is guaranteed, but if the answer is not satisfactory, it is one of the reasons to be excluded from the job interview. Because everyone wants to select the best employee for his organization, and he can prove this excellence, who can prove his excellence well.

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