Working Hours monitoring system

Companies are requested to develop a working hours monitoring system to ensure compliance with laws and codes of conduct for suppliers. To develop a working hours monitoring system, below steps can be followed.

1. Need to keep accurate record of working hours including standard and overtime hours, rest breaks and rest days for all types of workers.
2. Need to analyze current overtime levels by departments and types of workers. Flag any departments or types of workers which tend to work long hours.
3. Need to find out root-causes for long overtime and establish priorities.
4. Need to develop an action plan involving relevant department heads to gradually reduce overtime levels to legal levels.
5. Need to review current working hour policy and make sure workers can opt in or out of overtime. Overtime should not exceed the legal limit.
6. Need to monitor working hours daily and at the very least on a weekly basis. Monitoring system should include a flagging system when hours go above a certain limit

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