4 New Roles of HR in Industry 4.0

1. Strategic Partner
The days where HR was just another business function that may or may not have had a seat at the executive table is over. The new study suggest that HR now become more strategic, guiding organisations by:

=>> Embracing an implementing technology
=>> Finding and implementing new ways of work
=>> Driving automation
=>> Enabling rapid change through HR agility

2. An agent of Change
HR’s responsibility for driving and managing change in organisations just became way more crucial. Expect to be asked to:

=>> Help navigate uncertainties
=>> Advise and roll out plans to help companies adapt to change

3. People Enabler
Your role in enabling people (and yourself) just became much more valuable. Expect to:

=>> Lead the digitisation of work
=>> Take responsibility for reskilling employees
=>> And change the way you deliver your own HR work

4. Creative Innovator
It might feel like a new hat to some, but the future demands that HR now start leading in innovation:

=>> Creative new or improve existing systems
=>> Enhance talent management for the new era
=>> Innovate in your own field: Create a new way for HR to work

In short, HR is absolutely vital for companies to thrive in the Fourth Revolution. With uncertainties like job losses and re-skilling on the cards, HR will be vital to put a company’s human capital at ease and equip them with the skills they need to thrive.

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