7 steps to help write employee Goals

1. Identify the appropriate Organization KPIs where the employee can contribute meaningfully. It is important to note that all KPIs are not applicable to each employee.
2. Document the responsibilities of the employee in relation to the work they are doing. For the same Job Description, different employees may have different work responsibilities.
3. The unique responsibilities found in step 2 above will help shortlist KRAs to be used for this employee. Map these to the department or organization KPIs.
4. Categorize what the employee is expected to achieve into 2 different areas viz
>>>> Measurable: Those achievements that are measurable in numbers, percentages or yes/no answers. Examples: Number of Hires, Number of Trainings Conducted, Number of New Customers, Percentage Increase in Revenue, Number of Customer Calls Handled
>>>> Non-measurable: Those achievements that cannot be measured easily. Examples: Brand value, NPS, Productivity, Employee engagement
5. Write each Goal making sure you clearly articulate the statement, have a measurable target and a realistic timeframe. Try to focus on the measurable goals first.
6. Discuss the goals with the employee and take their acceptance.
7. Review the goals and achievements on a quarterly basis. Organization needs (KPIs) evolve and the employee goals should be changed too.

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