About Good Working Relationship

1. What is the best way to manage you? This gets at style preferences and allows the person to share what works and what they get frustrated by. It also allows them to share what motivates them.

2. What is the best way to communicate with you? This allows you to discuss preferences for in-person, phone, or e-mail. It allows you to discuss preferences around open door policy, scheduled meetings, and what and how to share information.

3. How often would you like to meet? This allows you to close the expectations gap for what the employee and supervisor expect. Initially you may agree to meet more frequently, and this may change as the employee learns and becomes competent in the various duties of the position.

4. What challenges you? This helps you to identify employees’ strengths and talents, and the types and levels of tasks they can take on. Related questions might be, “Why did you accept this job and what were the reasons you left your previous two jobs?”

5. As part of your orientation and assimilation, what would you like to learn? This will help you manage expectations and understand what you’ve missed in the integration plan.

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