Best Guidelines for employee recognition

Employee recognition needs to be a common practice in your organization. For the greatest effect, incorporate recognition as a normal aspect of day-to-day life in your workplace.
Employees can be recognized for both individual and group achievements. When recognizing a group of individuals, it is important for each person to be distinguished for their own contribution. Group recognition contributes to team building and informs the group that together, they are valuable to the organization.

To be effective, employee recognition must be sincere and heartfelt. Employees will sense if their efforts are acknowledged only out of duty or if comments are lacking in sincerity. Acknowledgement of effort and accomplishments must be timely in order to be effective. Remember that each person has their own preferences for how they want to be recognized – what one appreciates could be a real turn-off for someone else.

Remember that recognition can be either formal or informal. Formal initiatives can be put in place on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, with informal recognition taking place when it is merited.

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