Corporate Human Resource Strategy

Corporate Strategy is a managerial game plan of a company. This strategy is formulated at the corporation level. Top managers formulate this strategy. It is the set of strategic alternatives that are selected by the top executive for all industrial under the corporation for the attainment of overall human resource goals. In all industries, executing this strategy is mandatory. But the way may be different. Because the nature of production may vary from organization to organization under the same corporation.

Corporate strategy has been defined by some authors as follows:
1. R. W. Griffing: Corporate level strategy may be defined as “the set of strategic alternatives that organization chooses from as it manages its operations simultaneously across several industries and several markets.”

2. Thompson and Strickland: “Corporate strategy consists of the moves made to establish business positions in different industries and the approaches used to manage the company’s group of business.”

Corporate strategy may be made for diversified companies as well as for a single business unit.

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