Difference between HRD and HRM

Both ar important ideas of management specifically connected with human resources of organisation. Human resource management and human resource development is differentiated on the subsequent grounds:

The human resource management is especially maintenance homeward whereas human resource development is development homeward.
rganisation structure just in case of human resources management is freelance whereas human resource development creates a structure, that is inter-dependent and inter-related.

Human resource management in the main aimsto improve the potency of the staff whereas aims at the event of the staff further as organisation as an entire.

Responsibility of human resource development is given to the personnel/human resource management department and specifically to personnel manager whereas responsibility of HRD is given to any or all managers at numerous levels of the organisation.

HRM motivates the staff by giving them financial incentives or rewards whereas human resource development stresses on motivating individuals by satisfying higher-order desires.

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