Goals for Housekeepers

Housekeepers are responsible for a vast array of duties, from surface cleaning to deeper cleansing to organizing and more. Each client provides a housekeeper with certain responsibilities and duties, which change according to the job. However, there are certain goals that carry over from job to job that housekeepers should accomplish no matter what the gig.

When a housekeeper has been in a home or building, it should be apparent. Cleanliness is the calling card for a housekeeper; after all, she doesn’t need a portfolio when people can see her work directly in a home or business. Rooms in a building should be clean and orderly after a housekeeper has done her job; this is the main goal for this cleaning professional.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of this profession and is key to ensuring the continuance of a housekeeper’s career. Not only is it important to have open communication with a client, but also a housekeeper must be able to interpret the needs of the client and execute to the client’s satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is always the overall goal for any housekeeping situation.

Specialty Cleaning Projects
Another major goal of a housekeeper is to make sure that specialty cleaning projects are completed. It may be something simple as making sure the baseboards in a home are cleaned or something more elaborate, such as washing walls in a professional office building or cleaning all of the windows in a home. Whatever the project, accomplishing it is a key accomplishment for a housekeeper.

Neatness and Organization
Even if it is as simple as organizing items on a kitchen counter, the goal of a housekeeper is to make everything look as neat and orderly as possible. While she might not know exactly where to place things or where the client prefers to store them, at the very lease, she can make sure that all items in the room look neat, which contributes to the overall cleanliness of the room.

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