Hobbies Are Good For Your Career

Lets get the definition of “hobby” right. My Oxford dictionary has this to say: favorite activity that a person does for pleasure and not as his regular business. So, sleeping might not fall in that category..:)

Everyone would agree that hobbies are generally good for our well-being but what many do not know is that they are actually beneficial for our careers.

How is it so?
1.Take away listening to music and watching TV which most urbanites consider their only “hobbies”, taking up an interest in something usually involves learning a new skill like baking, gardening, playing soccer or photography. By spending time to learn up new things, we put on our thinking cap, increase our learning curve and let our creative self take over. New found passion can be very exciting and such positive vibes can possibly spill over to our workplace. When new skills are being introduced in our office, we have a greater chance of being trained quickly.

2.Our skill or knowledge in the new activity increases over time and eventually you might find yourself good at it. When we discover we can be good at something other than what we are paid for, it builds our self-esteem. When confidence builds up, it helps in our overall self-image.

3.Hobbies are a good way to take our minds away from work responsibilities albeit temporarily. It’s the best stress reliever. Otherwise, the stress that builds up over time due to overwork will only leads to burnout and eventually, our career suffers. This reason alone should get us to get a hobby immediately.

4.Some hobbies allow us the opportunity to meet people of the same interest. We build new networks and this might lead us to new career
opportunities. Now you see why so many businessmen pick up golfing.

5.Hobbies give the perception of a well-rounded being. Some recruiters are particularly concerned about hiring candidates that have a good work-life balance. Someone that has no other interest besides work might come across as boring or simply lazy.

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