How to Prevent Theft of Time in the Workplace

The most effective way to prevent theft of company time in the workplace is to carefully monitor when your employees check in and out for the workday. Manually doing this can be difficult, and may take longer than necessary, so using a time and attendance software can help monitor check-in/check-out times, breaks, and more, with ease.

Time and Attendance Software: Using a time and attendance software will allow for more accurate monitoring of employee check-in and check-out times. Software such as Time Well Scheduled will allow you to integrate various punch clock hardwares (ex. YubiKeys, swipe cards, biometric devices, etc.). Company payroll and attendance processing will also become much easier and more accurate by allowing you to automatically export work times into payroll software such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. Time and attendance software will help reduce the amount of time spent on processing and will eliminate errors that could be made with manual processing.

Biometric Devices: Using a biometric time and attendance system will allow more accurate check-in times and check-out times for your employees. Devices such as fingerprint and retinal scanners will allow employees to clock in without the use of time cards, and it will also prevent the occurrence of time card fraud and “buddy punching,” when one employee clocks in for another absent employee.

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