Importance of Corporate and Human Resource Strategy

Corporate and Human Resource Strategy is important for an organization. Their importance may be discussed in the following points:

1. Environmental scanning: Corporate and human resource strategy can help in scanning the environment for proper formulating the strategies.

2. Proper functioning: If corporate and human resource strategy is adopted, proper functioning of human resources can take place.

3. Proper Discipline: proper discipline may be established over the organization human resource activates.

4. Cooperation: Without cooperation management cannot do anything properly. If organization follows corporate policy it may get cooperation from top management.

5. Fund allocation: Timely implementation of any strategy needs funds. Top management allocates the funds to execute the strategy.

6. Ensured control: If corporate HR strategy is followed by the business units, they must abide try the rules also. Thus control is ensured.

7. Unity: Corporate and human resource strategy encourages people to be united for the plans and polices.

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