Objectives of Benefits and Services

Benefits and services are aimed at achieving societal, organisational, and employee objectives.

1. Societal Objectives: Societal benefits are to conserve the precious human resource by giving guaranty against its unnatural erosion and providing the climate for its development in working conditions such as life insurance, health care, retirement benefits or benefits for accidents, ill-health and death.

2. Organizational Objectives: Organizational objectives are the insurance of more productivity from the employees through time off benefits and others that reduce fatigue, turnover, labour unrest, overtime costs and enhance satisfaction of employees. Orgniasation will get continuing service, whole-hearted commitment to the job and participation into orgnisational development from the employees.

3. Employee Objectives: The advantages of benefits and services to employees are lower cost and availability. Employee benefits denote the protection of employees from economic and other crises through inflation protection, lowering tax burden, flexible work hour, cultural recreational facilities etc.

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