Safety policy

The second step in evolving a safety programmed is to have a safety policy. A policy specifies the company’s goals and designates the responsibilities and authority for their achievement. It may also provide caveats and sanctions for failing to fulfill them. There are differences in the form and content of corporate policies. Their style, however, is not as important as the clarity with which they identify functional responsibilities and authority.

Specifically, a safety policy must contain a declaration of the organization’s intent and the means by which the intent is to be realized. As a part of the intent, the statement should emphasis four fundamental points: (i) the safety of employees and the public is of paramount importance, (ii) safety will take precedence, (iii) every effort will be made to involve all manages, supervisions and employees in the development and implementation of safety procedures, and (iv) safety legislation will be complied with, in the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

The means to realize the intent part of a policy refers to the organization for safety.

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