Skillset will be Redundant not Human

No opportunity comes without a threat, 4IR also no different. Not many but few very serious issues coming with it. This is to be emphasised human resources will not be redundant but over the period numbers of existing skill set will become needless. Human resource still will be needed for higher skillful, sophisticated and control oriented tasks like monitoring, quality checking, decision making. It is not the first time but all three revolutions before comes with the concern of massive job losses. Every time the concerns were clearly misplaced. Each time the number of jobs increased, so do the living standards and other social indicators.

It has happened before, technology invented for humanity, it has been used against humanity. That should not stop technological development, as it is the way to solve our problems and move forward. We do not say machines will take over humanity one day, but this is also true we are becoming machine dependent by day. We need to define limit and keep control for sure.

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