We all are Managers!

Who is a manager? Who can be a manager? Are you a manager? Basically, a manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering or which the word itself says “manage”, anything and everything for which he is accountable.

In my view everyone is a manager of its own life and in its own way, say for a student, he takes the position of manager when he starts to manage his studies, social life and every other thing of its life in a balanced manner, say for a parent, it’s an incessant position to hold on, they are the real-life managers of a family and now if we turn our roads of being a manager towards corporate then a manager would be a person who supervises employees of a company or the other organization. Hence to describe the manager, in short, is an intricate task to perform as it is simply unfathomable, the more you dig the more you’ll get to know.

However, there are some qualities that every person should possess in order to be a great manager:-

1)Knowing how to be in command

2)Being autonomous and responsible

3)Take the right decisions at the right time

4)Showing leadership and inspiring others

5)Having empathy and a political sense

6)Be positive, enthusiastic, and cultivating the joys of working in a group.

The point to be noted here is that managers will never ever try to change a person’s style. They never try to push a knight to move in the same way as a bishop.

Therefore if one wants to listen or say these lines i.e., he/she is the best manager I ever had or I am the best manager then one must be able to bring that insight in actions and interactions.

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