Differences Between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

After the agrarian revolution and industrial revolution in England, great changes took place in office courts and factories all over the world. The size and complexity of the work tends to increase. As a result, modern ideas on basic management were added in keeping with the realities of industrial work. At that time a new subject called personnel management emerged as an important branch of basic management and in the twentieth century it was renamed as modern doctrine as human resource management. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required-

1. Personnel management became known as a part of basic management by the end of the nineteenth century. This can be called a lot of medieval doctrine. Human resource management, on the other hand, has emerged as a modern doctrine of personnel management since the twentieth century.
2. Personnel management is used in a narrow sense. Human resource management, on the other hand, is widely used.
3. Personnel management acts as a mediator and solver for the welfare of employees. On the other hand, human resource management focuses on proper planning, direction and control of manpower not as intermediaries but as executives.
4. Personnel management acts as a supporting force for organizational skills to survive. Human resource management, on the other hand, emphasizes the need for manpower in the organization as a key force in the organization.
5. Personnel management considers employees as an instrument of productivity. On the other hand, the people working in human resource management are considered as assets and social capital.
6. Personnel management is a matter of mutual relations. On the other hand human resource management is directed towards development goals.
7. Staff management provides employees with a variety of opportunities while keeping them loyal. Human resource management, on the other hand, emphasizes staff empowerment and commitment.

In practical terms, employees refer to those who work at the lowest level of the organization, and in human resource management, from the top executive to the lowest level of the workforce, those who work together to achieve the objectives of the organization.

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