company rules or inadequate performance. – French, 1997.

Discharge, in case of workers in Bangladesh, is meant as termination of the service of worker by the employer on account of physical or mental disability. – Bangladesh Labour Code, 2006.

Discharge is a traumatic shock. So, it must be dealt with utmost care and attention so that there shall be no irregularity, discrimination or injustice to the employee. The discharged employees are also to be paid severance pay along with other benefits as per Bangladesh Labour Code (GOB,2006)).

Causes of Discharge
1. Regular causes: Inefficiency, dishonesty, drunkenness, carelessness, and violation of rules.
2. Irregular cause: Accident, insubordination, personal conduct, lack of cleanliness, infraction of rules, destructive negligence, wastefulness, and physical unfitness.
3. Other causes: Lack of cooperation, laziness, tardiness in starting work, frequent absences without leave, lack of specific skill, adverse attitude towards the organization.

Discharge Procedures
Discharge shall be made following legal code, rules of the organization, court verdict and with the dictate of natural justice. As it may be a pretext for discrimination, human resource management and as such all managers should follow the understated procedures (French, 1997: 262; Memoria 1987):
1. Establish a well thought-out procedure for settling the discharge case.
2. Document unsatisfactory performance of specific individual employee.
3. Keep all employees informed about the quality of their performance.
4. Give all deficient performers reasonable opportunities to improve their work performance.
5. Inform all employees about company policies and rules governing employee behavour and about the contents of their job descriptions.
6. Be consistent in the application of punishment/rules and administer the same punishment /rule to all employees who violate rules.
7. Keep adequate provision for review of the discharged employee’s case.

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