How would your last boss describe you?

When employers ask this question, they simply want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. The answer you give will help the interviewer understand why your current employer sees you as a great asset to the team.

These are the points you should focus on when answering the question:
• Relate your answers to why you think you are a good fit for the position
• You can point out two to three points about how your boss sees your performance
• Don’t forget to state how you enjoyed working with your boss
• You can tell a story about your recommendation with your boss

You should also avoid making mistakes like:
• Bad mouthing your boss to bring out your good traits
• Don’t spin out negative thought that your boss had about you, even if there are some negative feelings you should also see the positive light of it.
• Avoid bragging about how well you and your boss went along

Sample answers
“My last boss would say that I am always proactive and prepared to solve any form of challenge. Nothing really takes me unawares, I am usually prepared to face future challenges. I think that my ability to see a problem beforehand and solve them while they are still at the formative stage is what sets me apart from other employees”.

“My last boss would see me as a problem solver and when I newly started my past position, I was always ready to face challenges and solve problems with ease. I think that my ability to be calm when there is a difficult situation is what really distinguished me from other employees

“I think my boss would talk about my two most obvious traits which is hard working and result oriented. My boss has always known me as someone that loves things to be done the right way and at the right time. So I was always putting in more hours to make sure that we achieve the desired result in any project. My boss always commended me for that. I also work hard to keep myself up-to-date on current industry trends and technologies by attending meet-ups and workshop to better position myself to face up to any challenge that may arise in the cause of performing my job”

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