Importance of training

Imparting of training to the employees has become very much important in modern times for better performance of the job. here it can be said that the question of training does not arise but making choice of the method of training is important. The importance of training can be elaborated as under:

1.Economy is operations: Trained workers make better and economic use of materials and achiness. Wastages are minimized. This helps in reducing per unit cost of production.

2.Minimization of supervision: The trained worker knows his job well. His work, therefore, requires less supervision. The supervisor can devote his time for more urgent work.

3.Better performance: Training improves quality of work. It also helps in increasing the productivity. So there is an increase in quality and quantity of output.

4.Increase in morale: One of the objectives of training is to change the attitude and outlook of the workers. A trained worker’s morale increases because of the support and encouragement he gets from his superior at the workplace. His opinion is respected. This makes workers more loyal to the organization.

5.Uniformity in performance: Training provided to workers enables uniformity in works and standardization of methods in performing the jobs.

6.Effective Control: Supervisors can easily delegate their power to the trained personnel’s for the better managerial control.

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