Objective of HRP

Objectives of Human Resource Planning (HRP)
To recruit and maintain the HR of requisite quantity and quality.
To predict the employee turnover and make the arrangements for minimizing turnover and filing up of consequent vacancies.
To meet the requirements of the programmes of expansion, diversification etc.
To anticipate the impact of technology on work, existing employees and future human resource requirements.
To progress the knowledge, skill, standards, ability and discipline etc.
To appraise the surplus or shortage of human resources and take actions accordingly.
To maintain pleasant industrial relations by maintaining optimum level and structure of human resource.
To minimize imbalances caused due to non-availability of human resources of right kind, right number in right time and right place.
To make the best use of its human resources; and
To estimate the cost of human resources.

So, human resource planning is required to achieve the objectives of estimating potential human resources requirements; to cope with changing requirements of the organisation taking into consideration the changing technology; to make full utilization of the existing and potential workforce of the organisation; and career planning of employees.

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