Secrets of Transformational Coaching

As a life, business, and executive COACH over the last 8 years, I’ve been privileged to witness and facilitate the transformation of HUNDREDS of LIVES…. and THIS is how I did it.

The first thing I want to be able to do when I meet a new client, is I gotta understand what makes them tick. What’s their life situation? What’s going on inside? This is important because every person you meet has a deep psychological needs that drive their behaviour and perception of life.

To effect change, it is essential to first understand the person and their motivations.

The next step is diagnosis. Through diagnosis, I seek to identify what my clients really want, what is stopping them from achieving their goals; their beliefs and why thy think they way they do. You also seek to know know what their values, pressure and pain they hold that is impacting on their behaviour and experiences of life. From my experience, internal and external forces often hold people back.

Once I understood this, the next steps is to introduce them to a new concept of CHANGE. Part of that is “Leverage” and “Motivational Pattern”. By understanding a person’s motivational pattern, I am better equipped to introduce them to a new understanding of change, which help them leverage their strengths to perform at their highest potential.

Next step GENERATING INSIGHTS. People will always do and act to the extend they know. The concept of generating insights is a critical component of the process, as it allows clients to uncover their blind spots and move beyond what they previously perceived as insurmountable. This is the goal of my COACHING session, because once something is invincible to you, it can stop you, but once you can see it, know what it is, you are able to deal with it by find solution around it. This is how we develop motivation and leverage. Once this part is taking care of, then we go to the last step which is..

DECISION & PRACTICE & REPETITION. Ultimately, it is up to the client to decide whether to continue with old habits or to create new rituals and habits to deal with their situation. This is what I literally do during Coaching sessions, I support and facilitate conversations around this decision-making process, and assist clients in practicing and rehearsing the new emotion, new habits and REPEATING them till they become natural. Not only is their lives change for the better, they are TOTALLY TRANSFORMED permanently.

Through this approach, I have helped countless people transform their lives and achieve a sense of empowerment and elevated mood. By providing the necessary knowledge, insights, and support, I work alongside clients to ensure they never go back to their old ways.

If you’re ready to transform your life and achieve your goals, don’t hesitate to reach out for Coaching. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one sessions or group programs, I can help you understand yourself better, diagnose what’s holding you back, leverage your strengths, and generate insights that will help you make permanent changes in your life. Take action now and start your journey towards transformation.

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