Strategic Choices of Job Design


A few strategic choices are supposed to be made while analyzing the jobs of employees of an organization. There strategic choices are classified into four types as discussed below:

1. Extent of participation: SHRM must decide whether the employees will take part in the job analysis process. Because their active participation is a mast for successful completion.

2. Nature of analysis: Another thing must be clear to the employees that how detailed the job analysis would be whether it would be specific and just highlight the major components of jobs.

3. Time of analysis: Time of analysis is very important for successful job analysis process. Therefore, the process should start when employees will have minimum work pressure.

4. Nature of orientation: SHR managers must consider the nature of orientation of job analysis, i.e. whether it is traditional or future oriented. For both traditional and future oriented job analysis process steps methods, results may vary.

The Strategic Human Resource Manager has these choices. He must choose one or more choices to analyze jobs of employees of the organization.

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