“When AI is replacing jobs, which career should I choose to be in the spotlight?”

“How can I secure my job and have a bullet-proof career?”

These are the questions I receive every time I post content.

If you have the same doubt, this is for you👇

First, let’s understand what a bulletproof career is.

A career that is –

➡️Relevant to the industry
➡️Offer better job security
➡️Demonstrate a high growth rate

And there is one career that combines all of these, i.e.,


~ Why Salesforce?

As per a recent study, Salesforce is projected to create 1.9 million jobs worldwide.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to dive in.

To know everything about Salesforce and how to build an extremely demanding career, hashtag#Journey2Salesforce is here with a legit learning path.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

➡️Online and free training
➡️Mentorship opportunities
➡️Flexibility with no deadlines
➡️Chance to win certification vouchers
➡️Direct connections to potential employers

The process is simple:

↳ Access the training modules on TRAILHEAD.
↳ Attend monthly workshops for deeper insights.
↳ Complete all four modules to finish the program.
↳ Enjoy the freedom of no deadlines for program completion.

But wait, there’s more…

After you complete the modules, you’ll be added to an alumni group where you can ask your queries, build networks, and make connections.

Sounds like a secure career plan?

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