Why is the HR department required?

“Why is this thing required when I’ve rendered a personal and worthless judgment of what other people do? Like, I’m like totally, like, the authority in these things. Just believe me, I’m super important.” There. I’ve translated that for you.

HR has its flaws. Don’t use a false dilemma here. HR in many companies is way too big for its britches, thinking that it’s the king maker and the core business. It is’t and in those instances, they need better leadership, not a removal of human resources.

HR is needed because:
– People are whiny crybabies. All of them. You too.
– People want good pay and benefits and they need a department to manage that gargantuan process.
– There’s this thing called “the government” that requires so many legal hurdles that you need a specialized department just to manage the people aspect of those regulations.
– Companies like —you know— having people employed. They need to find them. You might think, “Why can’t managers do that?” and the answer is simple. Companies have been trying that on and of for fourty years and have failed every time. A specialized job needs specialized people.
– Companies like having people trained to do the job, which means a department specialized in —you know— training them.

That’s why. What’s your magical solution?

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