Why People Leave Their Jobs

The reason people resign from work is according to the length of time they have worked.

Leaving in 1 Month
Reason: HR and the team
1. Confusion about the company’s training process.
2. Not able to communicate with colleagues/team.
3. You are left to struggle independently after joining the company.
4. Feel insecure about the management of the company.
5. Not being developed by the company for new employees.

Leaving in 3 Months
Reasons: Management style
The employee disagrees with his supervisor’s values, management style, work objectives and work style.

Leaving in 6 Months
Reason: The company’s culture
The company can’t provide equal treatment of employees and learning opportunities, so your dreams and the company’s goals combined to achieve a win-win situation for personal and corporate development.

Leaving in 1 Year
Reason: Salary
After a year of doing the job, the employee already has contributions, networks and resources and wants to consider whether the pay is now equal to what is paid. They are still talking about money rather than heart for the company.

Leaving in 3 Years
Reason: Development
After 3 years, with a certain level of experience, seniority, ability, and salary, you will consider whether there is still potential for you to develop in this company, whether it will help you in your future development, and whether there are better platforms and opportunities outside.

Leaving in 6 Years
Reason: Better offering
To some extent, an old employee with more experience and network is satisfied with the current position and income unless a better offer is made. It is riskier to quit on your own.

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