Written Communication Skills

Software developers, during the project execution, have to prepare a number of documents – requirement – specifications documents, design documents, test reports, user manuals etc. Ability to express oneself clearly calls for written communication skills. This ability comes only through practice.

Good handwriting may sometimes outrightly select you from a mob of students. Same is the case with command of English language. But, then if you are good, you have to exhibit it before your interviewer and later your boss. If you hesitate or feel shy how can anyone know?

During interviews, especially during Campus recruitments, the companies generally ask to give some information in writing. Better be prepared to write without any grammatical and spelling mistakes in a professional manner. When you are asked to give references, mention the names of persons under whom you have either worked or received your education or who know you professionally. Students may give the names of placement officer, Head of the Department or a friend or senior working in a company in a decent position. See that the persons are professional. Don’t give the names of your class-mates or relatives as references, Many people, while writing letters use what is called “Rubber Stamp” language, for all their personal and semiofficial letters. ‘Acknowledging your recent letter dated so and so’ or ‘Please find enclosed herewith’ or ‘In response to your highly valuable inquiry’ or ‘In reply to your favor of even date ‘ Such usages are outdated and boring and hence are rejected in the first instance. Old fashioned words might reflect old fashioned thinking! Prepare answers thoroughly for the following commonly asked questions.

Keep the following in mind for better Written Communication skills:
1. Keep sentences short- maximum 15 to 20 words. Long sentences are hard to understand and slow to read.
2. Use simple, ordinary words. Avoid big words, fancy phrases, technical jargons and age old, worn-out, boring usages.
3. Keep paragraphs short – 3 or 4 sentences maximum.

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